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A Problem isn’t a problem, until it is a Problem!

December 11, 2019 by in Cybersecurity

What if I told you that there are two approaches to CyberSecurity and that cost, effectiveness, and capabilities of these two approaches are diametrically opposed to each other?  The content below shows two types of approaches to business and to cybersecurity.

Proactive Approach

Building a Business

  • Did you start your business with a business and marketing plan?
  • Did you conduct research to define what type of organizations would use your business?
  • Have you researched your customers and your competition to achieve sales success?
  • Did you research what regulatory requirements would be applicable to your business?
  • If you answered yes to these questions, congratulations you are a proactive person.

Building a CyberSecurity Program

  • Understand how information technology supports your business and marketing plans.
  • Define the expectations of privacy and security that your customers have of your organization and their data.
  • Perform an analysis of your CyberSecurity controls to ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Set expectations for your employees and service providers on how they will protect you and your customers.

Reactive Approach

Building a Business

  • Did you start your business with an idea and the money to back it up?
  • Did you wander around knocking on doors in the hopes that you would find a customer?
  • Did you have to ask what a customer wanted from you rather than telling them what you could offer?
  • Where you surprised by the amount of regulations that restricted your company?

Reactive CyberSecurity

  • Implementing technology to win a customer deal
  • Performing audits and correcting issues in order to satisfy a customer or a regulator
  • Buying large amounts of Cyber Insurance because you don’t know how much sensitive and customer data you have.

Constantly having to train and retrain employees on the proper use of the network and applications? It’s a problem that most small businesses assume that proactive Cybersecurity costs a lot of money and requires many resources.  That is not the case! Let the CyberWatch team and Envoy Data show you how our customers have performed simple steps and increased their resilience to hackers and malicious organizations. Common Assumptions I can’t afford to impact my customers or employees by increasing the security of my network and data. I have been in business for many years and I never had an issue. I have CyberSecurity insurance! Who would want to hurt me, I am not a threat to anyone. Actual Facts Knowing all the devices on my network and encrypting my data is a marketing point for customers. The privacy of your customer’s data is critical to them.  Just ask them!  You won’t be in business in the future if you cannot protect their data. Read the “fine” print on your insurance.  They will not reimburse you for customers that no longer do business with you because you lost their data. Hackers don’t care who or what you are, it is simply a matter that you vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

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