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Enterprises often struggle to establish security solutions that align with their existing IT systems. Organizations major concerns are the requirements, rules, regulations, compliances and customer protection from entities both internal and external to protect critical information and the systems from confidentiality and integrity violations. In a great variety of cases, enterprises have already recognized the need to implement strong authentication methods that provide higher assurance and accountability than simple passwords. Envoy Data can help develop a suite of solutions that allow enterprises to build solid and long-lasting foundations for secure IT systems.

Envoy Data Corporation is constantly devoting hours of research to discovering the best and most effective solutions in the IT Security world. Many of our products are featured in SC Magazine and have received awards for performance. We are the top distributor in new IT Technology, offering multiple industry solutions supplying the best in IT Security products around the world. Don’t be fooled by businesses that claim to know about IT Security, when in reality they’ve never even used any of their products. Envoy Data’s staff of IT specialists have worked closely with manufacturers to ensure complete product knowledge. That means all our customers receive unrivaled customer support.

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