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Why use WebBrix Access Control?

  • Your doors can be locked 24×7 if desired.
  • You can limit people with cards to specific locations and times.
  • You have a complete audit trail of who went where and when after the fact.
  • No keys to lose, no need to rekey doors.
  • Any card can be activated or deactivated instantly and securely from any web browser.
  • Cards can automatically expire or be scheduled to be activated in the future.

Why use WebBrix?

  • WebBrix can be securely accessed from anywhere using any mobile or desktop web browser.
  • Text message and email notifications give you automatic and quick awareness of security events and communication or infrastructure issues.
  • Advanced features such as Threat Level Management and Lockdown let you define situations and automated responses, instantly changing card access privileges for users, enabling access for first responders, locking doors, activating sounders, sending messages, etc.

Use with:

  • HID Edge
  • VertX
  • SARGENT Profile Series v.s1 / v.s2 all-in-one IP locksets POE
  • Salient Systems IP Video solutions
  • Milestone
  • OnSSI
  • Axis Communications
  • Corbin Russwin


  • Securely manage thousands of doors from anywhere
  • Easy to use system
  • Self discovery hardware
  • Access the WebBRIX system on your mobile device or web browsers.
  • Alarm Notifications by email or text message to mobile devices or web browser
Qualified Lead Generation
  • Unlimited features, unlimited users, automatic application updates
  • Controllers initiate communication from within your premises using AES encrypted communication. No incoming holes are required for your Firewall, keeping your network more secure. WebBrix hosted access control removes the security infrastructure burden that other solutions require of you.
  • Card populations can exceed 1 million
  • Unlimited partitions for multitenancy – Each installation of WebBrix segregates end user data and provides unique color schemes, logos and menu items based on the user’s log in for regional or local managers or hosted and managed solutions.
  • IP Video Integration – Integrates with several leading IP Video Solutions, including Salient Systems, Milestone and OnSSI for on-site installation or cloud-based Software as a Service
  • Auto Discovery – WebBrix simplifies configuration of new devices by automatically discovering and configuring new devices under your direction for plug-and-play configuration.

AMT’s WebBrix hosted access control solution is one of the longest-running and proven hosted access control solutions available (20+ years experience).

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