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Array Networks

About Array Networks

Networking and security must become cloud-relevant. As the leading provider of hyper-converged platforms for networking and security, Array Networks allows IT organizations to migrate from dedicated hardware appliances to software-centric virtual appliances, without sacrificing performance and without undue cost and complexity. Our purpose-built platforms combine the agility and cost-efficiency of virtualization with the performance SLAs and simplicity of dedicated appliances to bring agility-at-scale to the data center network services layer.

Array Networks
Array Networks - Flexibility

The Agility of Virtualization

Gain the flexibility of virtual infrastructure, with flexible sizing, functions, management and pay-as-you-grow consumption.

Array Networks - Performance

Hardware-Like SLAs

Reserved CPU, memory, SSL and interfaces per VA deliver hardware-like consistency and guaranteed performance.

Array Networks - Network

Simplified Deployment

Eliminate complexity associated with virtual and physical port mapping, CPU pinning, NUMA boundary settings and SR-IOV.

Array Networks - SaaS

Vendor-Neutral Platform

Host Array application delivery and security virtual appliances, or virtual appliances from other networking and security vendors.

Array Networks - Pay As You Go

Cost Efficiency & Value

Reduce costs associated with space, power and cooling, minimize hardware costs and drive efficiency via agile management.

For managed service providers, Array Network Functions Platforms enable the creation of enterprise-class networking and security services with guaranteed SLAs and service isolation. Services and platform capacity can be scaled up, scaled out and repurposed on-demand, while minimizing costs and data center foot print.

For enterprises, Array platforms provide network and security teams a fast path to becoming cloud-relevant. In addition to consolidating legacy hardware, Array helps organizations meet the growing expectation for on-demand services and the need to keep pace with private cloud initiatives and today’s DevOps culture.

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Array Network Functions Platforms

Array Networks, the network functions platform company, solves performance and complexity challenges for businesses moving toward virtualized networking, security and application delivery. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Array addresses the growing market demand for network functions virtualization (NFV), cloud computing, and software-centric networking. Proven at more than 5,000 worldwide customer deployments, Array is recognized by leading analysts, enterprises, service providers and partners for pioneering next-generation technology that delivers agility at scale.

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