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Certificate Authority

Certificate Authority Solutions that...

  • Are integrated into a purpose built CA appliance
  • Include Hardware Security Module (HSM) functionality
  • Support advanced Suite B cryptographic algorithms
  • Meet the latest standards, such as EST
  • Work in both on-line and off-line applications
Engage Black

Managing Digital Certificates

The growing sophistication of cyber criminals makes protecting certificate generation, revocation, storage and management a top priority for enterprise, utility, government, manufacturers, Internet of Things, and other security stakeholders.

Increasingly, both Certificate Authorities and their customers are mandating management of certificate-based cryptographic keys in tamper reactive Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). The risk of theft, loss, and compromise is just too high when keys are stored on less secure servers, smart cards, or USB tokens.

The Engage BlackVault platform comes as a purpose built CA appliance with an integrated CA application (BlackVault CA), or a powerful but easy to use Hardware Security Module (BlackVault HSM). Both solutions meet FIPS 140-2 Level 3.

Certificate Security and Management with the BlackVault

The BlackVault CA is purpose built for CA applications, with a full CA stack integrated into our tamper reactive FIPS Level 3 Hardware Security Module (HSM). Its USB and Ethernet connectivity support both off-line and networked applications. A unique touch screen display and built-in smart card reader make operations secure and intuitive.

The BlackVault HSM is a FIPS Level 3 HSM with a silicon based cryptographic boundary for maximum security.It supports a wide range of crypto algorithms and APIs, including the government’s Suite B. It’s compact size and long battery life also allow for transportation to other locations and easy storage in a safe or secure room.

Both BlackVault CA and BlackVault HSM support multi-factor authentication with onscreen PIN and smart card credentials. In addition, an “M of N” quorum can be established to protect both User and Crypto Officer functions.

Certificate Authority Solutions

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