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Encrypt Data in Motion

Data in Motion Encryption Solutions that...

  • Ensure the confidentiality and integrity of network traffic
  • Use industry leading 256 bit AES encryption
  • Encrypt both circuit and packet networks
  • Support NERC CIP compliance
  • Secure Engage circuit to packet converters
  • Are proven in many critical network applications
Engage Black


Networks are breached. A fact that too often results in theft of sensitive data, information leaks, recording of conversations, and service disruption. Even with safeguards in place, cyber-criminals and other rogue elements are relentless at devising new methods to break into networks.

Hacking targets include networks transporting data, voice and video related to infrastructure, financial, government, enterprise, and other sensitive operations. Encryption protects this data so when breaches do occur, the intercepted data cannot be deciphered by the perpetrator.

Engage BlackDoor, BlackBond, and BlackTube products encrypt Ethernet, Packet, Circuit, and Circuit to Packet network data with highly secure 256 bit AES encryption. Multiple network topologies are supported and both copper and fiber interfaces available. Designed to minimize overhead and latency, the Engage encryption product family is the right choice to protect your sensitive data in motion.

Encryption with BlackDoor, BlackBond, and BlackTube

BlackDoor connects to 10/100 and 1 Gig Ethernet links and provides multiple encryption modes including Layer 2 and Layer 3. Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint to multipoint network topologies are supported. The system can be configured for bridge or routed operation, and is available in standalone and multi-card chassis configurations.

BlackBond encrypts T1 / E1 and fractional T1 / E1 circuits. It’s integrated CSU, “bump in the wire” performance, and automated key management make installation and operation a snap. Also available with additional T1/E1 or Ethernet connections for automatic protection switching to backup secure links.

BlackTube is the encrypted product line for the highly successful Engage IP-Tube circuit to packet products. Serial, VF, Analog, Modem, and other legacy interfaces are converted to packets and encrypted prior to transport. Products meet authentication, logging, admin roles, etc. used in typical deployments.

Data in Motion Encryption

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