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Digital Certificates

Digital Certificates

Trusted digital identities

Recognized by users and organizations across the world

HID IdenTrust digital certificates allow organizations to provide trusted credentials enabling you to securely do business with your employees, customers and partners and to meet compliance mandates.

One Digital ID. One You.

HID IdenTrust digital certificates gives organizations the power to provide digital credentials with advanced security uses, while bypassing the complexity of a costly infrastructure.

Key Benefits include:

  • Digital signing capabilities and secure email for enhanced auditability, encrypted content, improved processing, and reduced paper waste
  • Trusted and Federated identity grants identities that are interoperable with the U.S. Federal Bridge and trusted by the U.S. government
  • Simplified user experience and two–factor authentication eliminates the need for multiple passwords and tokens
  • Seamless integration offers compatibility with the most common operating systems and applications— Microsoft®, Apple®, Mozilla®, and Adobe®


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