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About Hideez

Hideez Group is an award-winning high-tech start-up in cyber security.

Hideez engaged in solving complex predicaments for enterprise clients with a simple mission:

We consolidate all authentification tools and build reliable and convenient endpoint Identity and Access Management Solution.

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Hideez Key Benefits

Hideez - Key Benefits
Hideez Features


Hideez Key

Hideez Key

  • Stores 1000 Passwords
  • 2FA
  • One-Time Password
Hideez Lock

Hideez Lock

  • Lock and unlock your PC
Hideez Server

Hideez Server

  • Control BYOD
  • Grant and confiscate Priviledged Access
  • Reset passwords
Hideez Key

Hideez Key

Store your credentials securely and keep them physically separated from your main device. Lock and unlock your PC based on your proximity measured by the strength of Bluetooth signal from your Hideez device.

Key Features

Secure Password Vault

Store all the passwords you need in one place, separate from your devices. Automatic logins included. No additional plug-ins needed. Simple, secure password management.

Multi-Functional Security Key

Generates and saves passwords, proximity lock/unlock for your PC, backs-up securely. Generates single-use passwords with two-factor authentication for the ultimate security.

Electronic Key

Use Hideez as an electronic key to access your office, home and gym. Copy your existing key to Hideez for more space in your pocket. RFID sensor included for extra security.

Password Vault

Store your credentials securely and keep them physically separated from your main device. Hideez Safe also provides automated password input scripts for most major sites and mobile applications. No additional plug-ins or setup are required.

Smart Lock

Lock and unlock your devices based on your proximity measured by the strength of Bluetooth signal from your Hideez device. The simplest and most effective way to protect the sensitive information on your device is to lock its screen just by walking away (Only for Windows, Mac).

OTP Generator

Generate one-time passwords for two-factor authentification and online banking. We created a reliable and tamper-resistant way to do this.

Theft Alarm

Know when you are about to lose your valuables. Get a notification when the Bluetooth signal strength between your Hideez device and your mobile device or computer falls below the level you indicated (Only for Android, iOS).

Multi-functional Button

Multi-functional button allows using features like distant activation of a digital video or voice recorder on your device or sending GPS coordinates of your current location. The button can be also used to confirm any instance of authentication, thus preventing undesired authentications (Only for Android, Windows, Mac).

RFID Keychain

Hideez Key can serve as an electronic key for home, office or gym. The RFID sensor inside has a unique code to your RFID-enabled door system. You can also copy your existing electronic key to the Hideez Key (requires an additional RFID programming device) to free up space in your pocket. Note: Hideez Key can store only one RFID at a time (Standard 125 kHz (Em-Marine, HID)).

Hideez Lock Software Token

Lock and unlock your computer with just your phone.

Your online privacy has never been this safe and convenient.

Hideez Lock requires additional installation of a client on PC (Mac/Windows.)

Hideez Lock

Key Features

Biometric authentication can replace all your passwords

Hideez Finger Lock is a software token that secures your PC and Mac through smartphone biometric sensors. It remembers and enters passwords instead of you using Bluetooth and Internet.

Lock and unlock your computer with just your phone

Your online privacy has never been this safe and convenient

Your phone is a single key to your digital and physical worlds

More identity features for your phone are coming soon

Hideez Enterprise Server


In a digital world, meeting compliance and regulatory standards, as well as improving ability to detect insider threats describes the company’s ability to scale and compete. Access points and environments are constantly changing. Perimeters under control are disappearing, user populations are mobile and outside of the network walls. Traditional identity and access management (IAM) controls are no longer enough in today’s dynamic digital environments. Companies are no longer confident about who has access to what and should they have that access.


Hideez enterprise server manages Hideez keys, federates associated endpoints, and stores digital identity information.

  • Hideez Enterprise Server checks the authenticity and legitimacy of end-points as well as Hideez Keys.
  • Depending on the security requirements, Hideez identity and access management is either deployed on-premise or in Cloud.
  • Hideez Enterprise Server controls all Hideez Keys of the company, integrates them with existing infrastructure, assigns users to Keys.
  • Unifies end-point administration and security control.


Hideez identity and access management solution manages remote employees locally, grants privileged access to critical infrastructure and seizes it whenever needed.

  • Integrate Hideez Enterprise Server with existing LDAP to manage all entry points in the directory of IT resources.
  • Upload the list of users into LDAP and allow Authorization via LDAP
  • Manage user roles including privileged access management
  • Manage Hideez Keys
  • Remote password management; issue, change, deliver.
  • Remotely delete or block Hideez Key from the ecosystem.
  • Data export and Import
  • NIST и PCI-DSS Standards

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