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About KSI

Key Source International has over 30 years of experience delivering high-end technology solutions to Fortune 1000 companies and system integrators worldwide. Whether you are trying to meet government compliance, increase productivity or securing your network, KSI has a solution that will fit your need. From retail automation, banking, telecommunications, healthcare and patient privacy we have a strong resume and years of experience in securing the desktop and meeting tough government regulations.

Some of the worlds most important corporations and organizations have turned to KSI for secure, compliant and scalable solutions that fit compatibily with their risk assessment and cyber security strategy. KSI has solutions for password replacement using biometrics, near field communication, contact-less smart cards, legacy HID badges as well as auto locking desktops when a user walks away from their workstation.

Key Source International

KSI Integrated Medical Grade Security Keyboards

KSI designs and engineers its keyboards in unique ways that caters to the healthcare industry. With the innovation of the conventional keyboard as a multi-faceted, intelligent medical tool, the clinical desktop is no longer a vessel for germ and bacteria growth that causes hospital-acquired infections, or an avenue for data breach that violates patient confidentiality.

  • Good for clinicians, who need to eliminate cross-contamination.
  • Good for patients, who experience reduced exposure to harmful germs and bacteria.
  • Good for infection control personnel, who need to know when, where, and by whom a KSI keyboard was cleaned.
  • Good for IT managers, who need to manage access to electronic patient records.

Consolidates Devices & Cables with Up to 7 Functions using one port convenience:

KSI plug and play peripherals optimize use of valuable thin and zero client ports like never before. No other keyboard or security pod on the market today does as much to streamline connectivity, conserve desktop space, or enhance user productivity through one port. No matter the operation — retail, manufacturing, banking, healthcare, or government — your organization will benefit from single port convenience delivered by our multi-functional, cleverly-designed, feature-packed products.

Embedded RFIDeas Badge Reader:

WaveID® eliminates desktop clutter and the need for multiple desktop security devices. KSI keyboards with embedded RFIDeas™ WaveID® single or dual frequency card readers not only declutter the desktop, but also free up valuable USB ports while providing the ultimate in workstation and mobile cart security. A simple wave of a staff member’s ID badge above the integrated reader sends authentication data to third party Single Sign On software to identify and verify the user, confirm access authorization, and unlock the workstation. KSI RFID eliminates the need to remember and manually type passwords multiple times throughout the day.

Embedded Finger Print Biometric Readers:

Harness the power of fingerprint biometric security with one of three pro-grade 500 dpi fingerprint sensor options. KSI partners with leading component manufacturers to offer rugged identity management sensors that withstand heavy repeated use in the commercial setting. KSI embedded biometric components make authentication foolproof and simple — allowing you to easily manage the who, what, where, and when of physical access.

The weakest link in an organization’s IT security system, passwords and tokens are vulnerable to being lost or stolen. Even more, the costs associated with managing password- and token-based systems can be expense, while wasting company resources.

San-a-Key® Enterprise Infection Control:

Innovative San-a-Key® enables you, as a hospital administrator, to know when, where and by whom one or all of your facility’s KSI keyboards have been cleaned on a real-time or historic basis. Easy-to-use San-a-Key® tracks cleaning data and documents infection control trends that help save patient lives and improve care. No other product on the market today puts healthcare workers in the driver’s seat like San-a-Key® — in full control over all aspects of the cleanliness and protection of the clinical desktop. Make San-a-Key® a mainstay of your facility’s hospital-acquired infection reduction program.

LinkSmart® cleaning button:

So easy to use. Just press our distinctive red button and you’re well on your way to CLEAN. With LinkSmart®, the notion of having every keyboard in your facility clean and disinfected on a 24/7 basis becomes fact. KSI’s revolutionary LinkSmart® cleaning button has single handedly refashioned the traditional keyboard into a clean, mean, germ-fighting machine. One press is all it takes to temporarily disengage the keys of a LinkSmart® keyboard. Now its surface is ready for easy disinfection by the end user with approved germicidal wipes — without risking input of errant data.

EPCS and I-Stop Compliance:

KSI offers several solutions for EPCS and I-STOP compliance to stop doctor shopping in its tracks. All KSI products with integrated Crossmatch™ biometrics promote adoption of EPCS while supporting clinicians’ compliance of DEA and state regulations. KSI is proud to partner with Crossmatch™ in making its products more secure and providing a high quality solution for meeting EPCS regulation.

Low profile, easy-clean keys, mix ‘n match security and infection control options for the clinical desktop

1700 Series – Full Size Security Keyboards

1700 Top Lit Link Smart Keyboard
With Optional WaveID® RFID & Crossmatch™ Biometrics

1700 Top Lit LinkSmart® Keyboard

  • LinkSmart® cleaning
  • Crossmatch™ biometrics
  • RFIDeas reader

Great for patient rooms during the night, or other low light conditions, where clinicians do not want to disturb patients, yet need to see keys to accurately enter patient notes.

1700 Link Smart Keyboard
With Optional WaveID® RFID & Crossmatch™ Biometrics

1700 LinkSmart® Keyboard

  • LinkSmart® cleaning
  • Crossmatch™ biometrics
  • RFIDeas reader

Free up USB ports on your thin-client workstations, and eliminate the multiple cables mess y using one integrated security keyboard that consolidates multiple functions in to one.

Backlit keyboards are scrubbable with soap, sprayable with approved cleaning products, and disinfect-able with germicidal wipes.

1800 Series – Compact Size Security Keyboards, Great for Workstations On Wheels

1802r SX Backlit Compact Security Keyboard
Optional LinkSmart®, WaveID® RFID & Crossmatch™ Biometrics

KSI-1802R SX BackLit, Compact Security Keyboard

  • LinkSmart®
  • Crossmatch™ biometrics
  • RFIDeas reader

A hospital-grade, disinfect-able back-lit keyboard with biometrics and RFID, the KSI-1802R SX with LinkSmart® features a durable, sealed surface that prevents the harmful growth of bacteria, and is designed to be scrubbed with soap, disinfected with wipes, and sprayed with cleaners.

Workstation On Wheels Wows Security Keyboards
Designed to fit standard medical carts & point-of-care wall mounts

KSI Workstation On Wheels (WOWs) Security Keyboards

  • LinkSmart® cleaning
  • Crossmatch™ biometrics
  • RFIDeas reader

Our hospital grade, disinfect-able medical keyboards go where you go — from reception, to emergency, to patient rooms, and back again. KSI compact keyboards are designed to play an integral role in both your patient care routine, infection control, and security.

Special Use Security Keyboards and DuoIDpods

1900 Duo Idpod Biometric RFID Card Reader

KSI-1900 DuoIDPod Biometric & RFID Card Reader

  • Crossmatch™ biometrics
  • RFIDeas reader

Need a dual identity authentication pod without replacing the existing keyboard, then consider the DuoIDpod which includes both Crossmatch biometrics and RFIDeas reader.

1700 Code Red Down Time Keyboard

KSI-1700 Code Red Down Time Keyboard

  • Back lit
  • LinkSmart®
  • Crossmatch™ biometrics
  • RFIDeas reader

Clinicians can easily, and very quickly identify specific “Live Workstations” they can use during unexpected power failures or planned system maintenance.

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