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Training & Client Customization Layer

LUCY Server Training and Client Customization modules enable a multi-channel training experience in a branded environment well known to the user, which is further assured through a possible customization of the learning modules to meet a customer’s CI/CD. You can provide learning content to your staff through an Awareness Website belonging to a given campaign. The website can host simple text with tips on how to identify phishing or other malware scams. Of course, it can contain any other digital content, too. If you want to provide rich media training, Videos are an excellent way to transmit the message to be learned. You can use already existing Video, which comes with the LUCY server, or you can adapt the video to meet your own needs. If you would like to know more about this, please go to the Customizing the Educational Video – how it works page.

Another great way to improve employees’ knowledge of cyber threats and IT-based scams is the use of Quiz-based questionnaires. With quizzes you impart knowledge in a playful way; knowledge is memorized more easily and the use rate of this knowledge—as well as vigilance against possible scams—increases. In short: what is learned is deepened and entrenched with a quiz! When you prepare a quiz, you don’t have to start from scratch. You can select questions from our catalog or easily add questions of your own design.

The Learning Statistics module completes the training program. Check who or how many people completed the awareness trainings, what the most common errors were and how much time was spent on each question. With this information you can design another program to improve upon your staff’s knowledge at a later date.

External supervision and approval workflows – The first of these special corporate features allows for SysAdmins and Campaign Managers to likewise approve and improve their social engineering knowledge. Corporate clients can ask for supervision about their campaign work on a regular basis or upon request. The supervision is carried out by LUCY campaign specialists or by certified partners. The results provide a quality approval for the client and set a personal benchmark within the industry. The approval data is stored in the client instance of the Lucy server.

Approval workflows support the campaign start and execution in bigger work-sharing corporate environments. More complex organizations often have to follow a given chain of command due to regulatory or other reasons.

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