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Train Employees

Train Employees

Test and train your people with all kind of Phishing campaigns. Educate them with rich media content and awareness campaigns. Reporting provides you important insights. And do everything on an ongoing basis!

Awareness campaign creation based on world-class best practices made easy – Our company has accumulated knowledge through decades of penetration testing and by running Social Engineering projects for all types of customers. A major part of our know-how is incorporated into more than 70 different campaign templates. When you create an awareness campaign, just choose one of these best-practice templates and adapt it to your own specific needs: Select your category: hyperlink (data entry), mobile storage device scenarios and even templates for SMiShing attacks are available. Of course, you can mix your campaign with different scenarios and also send different templates to different recipients. If you want to learn more about the process to set up and execute a campaign please refer to the article How to set up a Data Entry Phishing Campaign.

Develop and run full custom campaigns and clone existing websites for your landing pages – If you do not want to use templates, you can design and launch entirely custom-built phishing simulations and subsequent trainings. Landing pages used in your custom attack scenario can be instantly cloned and deployed with the website cloning feature and an integrated credit to purchase DNS entries that serve your campaign.

Lucy Security

Train, educate and improve the knowledge of your people in the area of cyber threats with predefined and customizable video content or interactive questionnaires and quizzes. You can use the already existing rich media content designated to train your staff. If needed, you can adapt the text, the videos or the quizzes, or you can enhance and respectively replace each with any other training and education content.

Reporting – Learn and improve your future simulations. People testing and awareness training is a journey. Most customers start simple and they become more sophisticated in running campaigns and trainings over the time. LUCYs built in reporting capabilities support this way and they are provide you insights and statistics for the further development of your company.

Data entry simulations

Send emails or SMS with a link to a customized landing page that encourages users to enter sensitive information. LUCY is harmless Phishing Software.

Attachment -based simulations

Train users to recognize malicious attachments by sending emails and SMS with seemingly legitimate attachments.

Mobile Storage Device Simulations

Test if users will execute a file on a USB stick, CD, DVD, SD-Card or other storage devices.

SMiShing simulations

Send spoofed SMS with free selectable source numbers to train and test mobile device awareness.

SIEM Stress Test

Test your infrastructure with the malware testing toolkit. Simulate malware activities like Spyware, Worms, Scanners, Backdoors, Keyloggers, Viruses, Ransomware, Bots, Dropper, etc.

Rich media training

Integrate all kinds of e-learning content into a predefined awareness training suite.

Interactive Quiz

Educate and train your staff using interactive quizzes. Choose from predefined content or add learning material by yourself.

Outlook Plugin reports Phishing

Empower your users with the Phishing Incident Plugin for Microsoft Outlook(c). When the user receives a suspicious message, he can submit it savely for further inspection. Great!

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