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As our most feature-rich offering, the WAVE ID Plus card readers maximize the value of new and existing ID badges by providing simultaneous processing of contactless and proximity smart cards. This dual-frequency card reader performs at the highest technical standards while serving diverse applications with our signature ease of use. Also available in an SDK compatible model, it can integrate into most software or hardware through the use of the rf IDEAS® Universal Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) This multi-technology reader delivers flexibility to any customer, integrator or end user struggling with different card technologies. In use with the rf IDEAS Configuration Utility, the WAVE ID Plus card reader also functions as a comprehensive card analyzer for determining compatible readers.


  • Delivers card ID in formats that multiple applications recognize
  • Standard four card configurations (two are pre-set; two are user-definable)
  • Ideal for enrollment into third-party software or for single sign-on integrators
  • User-adjustable beeper volume can be set to high, low or off as appropriate for the work environment
  • 13.56 MHz auto-tuning ensures optimal power transfer to avoid interference
  • For a full list of supported cards types, click here.


  • Delivers nearly limitless possibilities for user identification and authentication
  • Simultaneously reads proximity and contactless card technologies
  • Customizable to work with any card solution for any size corporation
  • Eliminates error associated with individual identification and manual entry
  • Users can quickly configure reader output to meet their needs
  • Ideal for government, healthcare, manufacturing/industrial and enterprise
Wave ID Plus


Operating Conditions

Operating Frequency

Dual 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz

Typical Maximum Read Range

1.0” – 3.0” (2.5 – 7.6cm) depending on proximity card type and environmental conditions

Power Consumption

USB units: Typical 70 mA, maximum 100 mA

Serial units: Typical 75 mA, maximum 110 mA

Supported Card Types

For a full list of supported card types, click here 

Physical Characteristics

Housing/Form Factor



3.6 in × 2.1 in × 0.7 in(9 cm × 5.2 cm × 1.7 cm)


4 oz(113.4 g)


3.6 in × 2.1 in × 0.7 in(9 cm × 5.2 cm × 1.7 cm)


4 oz(113.4 g)

Housing Color

Desktop — Black, Pearl

Surface Mount — Black, White

Hardware Integration Pocket — Jack Black

Mounting Options

Surface Mount housing can be easily mounted on panels, kiosks, and other indoor applications. It is designed for mounting with 1″ #8 screws only (not included), at a maximum force of 6.25 in/lbs. The Desktop reader has an articulated cable for easy placement on desktops, counters, and more. The IP67 compliant readers must be installed according to the installation guide (enclosed with all units).

Cable Length

Desktop — 6 in, 16 in & 6 ft

Surface Mount — 13 in

Hardware Integration Pocket — Internal Mount is 2 ¾”, External Mount is 6’’. (Custom Lengths Available. Call our Sales department at (866) 439-4884.)


Tri-state LED, dual tone beeper

Power Supply

USB Self-powered


Serial RS-232: several power options exist


USB, Serial RS-232, Ethernet

Software Development Kit (SDK)


Environmental Usage

Operating Temperature Range

-30℃ to 65℃(-22℉ to 150℉ )

Operating Humidity Range

5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing

Storage Temperature Range

-40℃ to 85℃(-40℉ to 185℉ )

General Information


FCC, United States; CE Mark, Europe; RCM, Australia; IC, Industry Canada. Environment:  RoHS, REACH. Please call rf IDEAS or information about other certifications.


One year for material/workmanship defects. See complete policy for details.

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