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About Tranxition

Tranxition was founded to address the need of managing user personas, which are collections of personalizations within a computer system. Tranxition began with an idea: If people could manager these personas, they would have “all the things they need across all computer systems.”


Migration Manager for Windows 10

Get more done in a few minutes with Tranxition Migration Manager.

User Persona API

Tranxition invented Personality Tranxport™, LiveManage™ and Migration Manager.


Tranxition OnRamp is a lightweight, powerful, automated endpoint solution for capturing user documents and files.


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Tranxition was formally incorporated in 1998 and began producing award-winning products such as TranxportMC, Personality Tranxport Pro (PT Pro), LiveManage and Migrate7, which specifically addressed Windows user migration. Tranxition has now released its Microsoft migration tool, User Persona API, which allows IT Enterprise vendors, ISVs, SaaS services, web applications and clouds to implement persona management for Windows devices.

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