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Migration Manager Windows 10

Migration Manager for Windows 10

Get more done in a few minutes with Tranxition Migration Manager than in weeks with other products. It accurately and reliably captures all the user profile settings, personalizations, and it searches the drive for documents so they are not left behind… It creates accounts when the persona is restored and is Zero-Touch.

Consider a few use cases: capturing and transforming user profiles, migrating printer Identities, restoring recently used documents, supporting domain name change projects , handling Microsoft Office upgrades, virtual machine management, Outlook files and settings, accounts and more. Tranxition supports any modern version of Windows and Office plus certain application migration cross-version (i.e. Acrobat 9-Acrobat 10), plus 10,000+ possible profile settings. Migration Manager is the product you need for the last piece of the deployment hassle, transforming the user profile data while it migrates them so that users always have a system that’s ready and works.


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