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On Ramp

User Persona API

Tranxition OnRamp is a lightweight, powerful, automated endpoint solution for capturing user documents and files and transitioning them from Windows endpoints and network drives to Microsoft OneDrive™ for Business, Office 365, and Google Drive (Other cloud storage solutions are planned).

The technician sets up file migration policies by extension, directory, drive, shell folder or use one of the 34 variables to define your own rules. Those file policies enable you to include or exclude files and folders, drive, file types, and more. Those rules are “stacked” so at the end of initialization, a final list is delivered and those files are transitioned.

In addition to that, Tranxition OnRamp also allows the technician to redirect files when they arrive at the cloud storage location. So you get not only the ability to transition files to their original structure, but also to rearrange those files during the transition.

The final version will follow the authentication scheme currently in place. If the user is already authenticated to the cloud, then Tranxition OnRamp automatically picks up their authentication and the process proceeds. If the user is not yet authenticated, OnRamp will prompt the user.

Tranxition OnRamp does not require client side installation and can be run from a share or initialized from a webpage via a link to the application. It includes a full command-line scripting option and allows for multiple transition XML files for department-by-department customization.

Detailed audit logs are collected and stored.


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