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User Persona API

User Persona API

Tranxition invented user persona management in 1997, and rolled it into award-winning products such as Personality Tranxport™, LiveManage™ and Migration Manager. Now you can easily and quickly add persona management to your LifeCycle Management application or process, web service, or cloud. It takes as little as a few hours to get started, and the API supports languages such as C, C++, C#, and Java.

Deploy the features developed for PC user migration–settings capture for user, system, data redirection, cross-domain and version transfer, and cross version settings transfer–and apply them to backup, disaster recovery, VDI, and DaaS solutions and more.

Coupled with our database of application and Microsoft* Windows operating system settings, User Persona API enables your application or service to capture settings from Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe software, browsers and other applications. It lets you store that persona data, transform it, and restore it onto the same or another PC running the same or different versions. Use cases include enterprise backup, cloud backup, virtual desktop on or off-ramping, IT service management, and IT asset management. When used in combination with system imaging, it’s a perfect solution to the biggest headaches in Lifecycle Management.

The User Persona API enables your offering to support “Restore Forward” recovery actions. Instead of just restoring files from a backup, the Restore Forward enables your customers to restore and transform to the then current OS platform and application standards. No more will you need to manage a huge library of images! Use it to restore mobile PC and tablets when they are lost or stolen.

The API is also 35% faster than Migration Manager, includes deep encryption, REST API communications, and more! It also supports virtual machines, remote desktop scenarios, and Terminal Services use cases. It’s perfect for “On Ramp” or “Off Ramp” scenarios.


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