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Trustifi For Business

You can’t protect what you don’t secure. Businesses can no longer afford to send unencrypted email messages containing sensitive and private information. Enterprise email security should be amongst your top concerns as a business. But if the encryption process is inconvenient for either the sender or recipient, it won’t get done no matter what process your company has in place. That’s why Trustifi is the perfect solution for security and compliance concerns.


Trustifi’s advanced encryption ensures your email correspondence always remains private and secure while being incredibly easy to send, receive, and open. Thanks to Trustifi’s tools, just a click of a button gives your business protection, tracking, and Postmarked certified delivery on every email sent. 100% compliant to HIPAA, HITECH, FINRA, and other federal regulations, plus GDPR compliant. If any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is contained within an email, it will automatically be sent securely–even if your team forgets. Trustifi ensures safe email delivery, every time.

Trustifi also protects organizations against spam, malware, and sophisticated Business Email Compromise (BEC) fraud threats. Phishing schemes are increasingly hard to detect and the cost to businesses is thousands and millions of dollars annually. Email security is our number one concern. Trustifi analyzes all incoming emails to authenticate legitimacy and displays an alert when they’re not.


Full suite of easy-to-use encryption and security features for comprehensive inbound and outbound protection.


Email tracking and real-time delivery statistics. Know exactly when your emails have been delivered and read.


Being compliant is one thing. Proving it is another. Trustifi’s Postmarked technology is 100% proof of certified email delivery.

Single-Click Encryption

One button click is all it takes to send a fully secure military grade encrypted email that’s easily opened by the recipient.

Secure Email Relay

Encrypt on the go! Sending private data securely from any device is now just as convenient as sending from the office.

Two-Factor Authentication

A protective extra layer of security, ensuring your recipient is the only person with access to the sent email.

Secure Reply

Send encrypted emails enabled to be returned securely for complete two-way encrypted communication.

Advanced Encryption Options

Easily recall, block, modify and set expirations for already sent and delivered emails for added measure of security.

Postmarked Proof & Tracking

Patented proof of content and delivery, you’re notified in real time when emails have been received, opened and read.

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