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Encryption & Key Management

Envoy Data Corporation partners specializing in encryption and key management.


Our cryptographic solutions secure emerging technologies – cloud, IoT, blockchain, digital payments, and more – and help meet new compliance mandates with the same proven technology that global organizations depend on today to protect their sensitive data.

Engage Black
Engage Black

Engage Black counters tomorrow’s cyber threats today with solutions that generate, manage and secure cryptographic material.


Trusted by Tier 1 organizations around the world, Futurex has spent the last 39+ years building a reputation for reliable, innovative data security solutions.


Interacting “things” in the Internet of Things (IoT) need to trust each other. Utimaco is a leading manufacturer of hardware security modules (HSMs).


Managing cryptography and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are the foundations of securing the digital assets of a business. When architecting and delivering security applications, businesses often end up inefficiently duplicating crypto infrastructure.

Quintessence Labs
Quintessence Labs

Encryption key management is one of the most complex challenges in data security. To have a successful enterprise-wide encryption, you need a centralized and highly compatible key and policy management solution to manage keys and implement policies that appropriately control access and privileges.

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