Complete Generative Al Security for Email, Mobile, and Browser.

SlashNext’s complete generative AI messaging security solution detects, predicts and stops spear phising, BEC, smishing and other zero-hour social engineering attacks in more than 30K email, mobile and web messaging apps.

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Complete Multi-Channel Security for Cloud Email, Mobile, and Web Messaging Apps.

SlashNext HumanAI™ technology stops threats in email plus all other collaboration channels that compromise users and lead to a data breach.

Cloud Email Security for Microsoft 365

Powerful HumanAI delivers powerful protection that stops credential stealing, BEC, spear-phishing, legitimate link compromise, social engineering scams, ransomware and malware in real-time with fast 99.9% detection rates and one in 1 million false positive rate for confidence in remediation.

Set-up to detection in 5 minutes using Microsoft Graph API and a phenomenal ROI with twice the protection at half the cost of secure email gateway (SEG) solutions.

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SlashNext Cloud Email Security Stops 3x More Threats.

SlashNext’s HumanAl technology provides real-time detection with extreme accuracy that detects malicious site hours before the competition. Adding SlashNext ICES to Microsoft email security provides complete protection against the exponential growth in targeted BEC, spear phishing, credential theft, malware and exploits in email, as well as SMS, social, collaboration, and gaming services.

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