VirnetX One Platform

The VirnetX One platform is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that uses VirnetX patented technology to create an environment that virtualizes private networks and brokers secure communication links between trusted peers, regardless of device, network, or location.

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This environment can be applied to secure communications across a wide variety of use cases and offers protection from cyber-attacks. VirnetX One implements a modern Zero Trust architecture built on VirnetX Secure Domain
Names and patented technology.

The VirnetX One platform allows cybersecurity leadership and professionals to improve the enterprise security posture, increasing workforce productivity, providing the agility to quickly respond to security threats and consolidating security visibility across the enterprise.

The VirnetX One platform is the security foundation for Matrix.

Simplifies complex networking concepts and security boundaries.

  • Simple and easy to user experience for network management and administration.
  • Consolidates insights into a single dashboard view offering administrators control and visibility into the security of their network.
  • Cloud native solution without the need for additional hardware.

Dynamic Virtual Private Networks

  • Adapts to secure and enable seamless communications regardless of the physical location or network environment.
  • Support any type of network communication or application.
  • Virtual private networks can be created on-demand for ephemeral, permanent, and ad hoc use cases.

Trusted Technology

  • Patented technology originally developed for the U.S. Intelligence community.
  • Worldwide network of partners is helping secure legal, financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and government customers.

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